Volume 32 – 2007 – International Meeting on Differencial Equations


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Preface [International Meeting on Differential Equations] Corrêa, Francisco Julio S. A.
On equations of Navier-Stokes type in moving domains de Araújo, G. M.
de Menezes, S. B.
Multiplicity results for equations with subcritical Hardy-Sobolev exponent and singularities on a half-space Assunção, R. B.
Carrião, P. C.
Miyagaki, Olímpio H.
Upper semicontinuity of attractors for the discretization of strongly damped wave equations Bruschi, S. M.
Carvalho, A. N.
Local and global strong solution by the semi-Galerkin method for the model of mass diffusion Damázio, P. D.
Guillén-González, F.
Gutiérrez-Santacreu, J. V.
Rojas-Medar, Marko Antonio
Life span of solutions of a strongly coupled parabolic system Loayza, Miguel
Superlinear ordinary elliptic systems involving parameters do Ó, João Marcos
Lorca, Sebastián
Sánchez, Justino;
Ubilla, Pedro
Remarks on the controllability of some parabolic equations and systems Fernández-Cara, E.
Global and decay of solutions of a damped Kirchhoff-Carrier equation in Banach spaces Fuentes, R.
Izaguirre, R.
Miranda, M. Milla
Remarks on Carrier evolution equation Clark, H. R.
Límaco, J.
On the existence of signed solutions for a quasilinear elliptic problem in RN Medeiros, Everaldo S.
Severo, Uberlandio B.
Study of the optimal harvesting control for an elliptic problem with slow diffusion. Suárez, Antonio
Rothe’s method for an isothermal phase-field model of a binary alloy with convection Vaz, C. L. D.
On the numerical approximation of the Helmholtz equations Zuazua, E.