Volume 1 – 1991 – VIIth School on Differential Geometry


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Generalization of the Hp-theorem in a space of constant curvature Alencar, Hilário
Colares, Antonio Gervasio
Constant mean curvature surfaces bounded by a plane curve Barbosa, João Lucas Marques
Kaluza-Klein metrics with positive sectional curvature Chaves, Lucas Monteiro
Complete minimal surfaces embedded in R3 with total curvature 12π Costa, Celso J.
On compositions of isometric immersions Dajczer, Marcos
Tojeiro, Ruy
Index of surfaces of constant mean curvature in hyperbolic space do Carmo, Manfredo
Topological obstructions to the embeddability of CR-manifolds Falbel, Elisha
Hypersurfaces in the complex hyperbolic space Fornari, Susana
Frensel, Katia
Ripoll, Jaime
Value distribution of the Gauss map of complete minimal surfaces in Rm Fujimoto, Hirotaka
Submanifolds of constant nonpositive curvature Rabelo, Mauro L
Tenenblat, Keti
Comportement asymptotique des géodésiques aux bouts d’une courbe algébrique complexe de C2 Silva, Nelson E. Simões
Immersions of Kähler manifolds Tribuzy, Renato de Azevedo