Volume 6 – 1994 – XII Escola de Álgebra – Part I


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Completeness properties of certain formations Carocca, Angel
E-ideals in baric algebras Catalán S., Abdón
Serre’s conjecture: the Jugentraum of the 20th century. Coleman, Robert F.
Chain rings and distributive rings Ferrero, Miguel
Indecomposable baric algebras Guzzo, Henrique, Jr.
The unit group of integral group rings: generators of subgroups of finite index Jespers, E.
Limits of graphs Vainsencher, Israel
Minimal generation of constructible sets in the real spectrum of a ring Marshall, Murray A.
Dimension de Krull des algèbres graduées. II
Indecomposable R.A. loops and related topics Milies, César Polcino
Elliptic surfaces and the Mordell-Weil group Miranda, Rick
Progrès récents dans la théorie des algèbres de Bernstein. Ouattara, Moussa
Algorithmic aspects of character theory Pahlings, Herbert
Minimal polynomial identities of Bernstein algebras. A computer approach Peresi, Luiz Antonio