Volume 9 – 1995 – IX School of Differential Geometry


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Toy tops, gyrostats and Gauss-Bonnet Almeida, M. F. L. B.
Koiller, J.
Stuchi, T. J.
Closed hypersurfaces of R4 with constant Gauss-Kronecker curvature. Brito, Fabiano G. B.
de Almeida, Sebastião Carneiro
Soap bubbles in space forms Barbosa, João Lucas Marques
Colares, Antonio Gervasio
Eschenburg spaces and bundles over CP2 Chaves, L. M.
Rigas, A.
Some results on conformally flat submanifolds Dajczer, Marcos
Florit, Luis A.
Conformal sub-Riemannian geometry in dimension 3 Falbel, Elisha
Gomes, M. Elasir
Veloso, J. M.
On compact hypersurfaces immersed in a space form Felipe, Luis Humberto Guillermo
On metrics of constant sectional curvature Ferreira, Walterson Pereira
Local stability of the first eigenvalue of the Laplacian de Lima, Levi L.
Jorge, Luquésio P. de M.
Laplace transformation for Cartan submanifolds Kamran, Niky
Tenenblat, Keti
Strict calibrations, constant mean curvature and triple junctions Morgan, Frank
Some results on nonnegatively curved four manifolds Noronha, Maria Helena