Volume 7 – 1994 – XII Escola de Álgebra – Part II


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Hilbert polynomials of smooth surfaces in P4 Peskine, Christian
A crossed embedding of groups and the computation of certain invariants of finite solvable groups Rocco, Noraí Romeu
Riemann surfaces, abelian varieties and automorphisms Rodríguez, Rubí E.
An introduction to the theory of bilinear complexity Shokrollahi, M. A.
Solving certain group equations in PGL(2,k) – a computational approach Sidki, Said
Algebraic aspects of tangent cones Simis, Aron
Galois groups and quadratic forms Smith, Tara L.
γ-hyperellipticity and weights of Weierstrass points Torres, Fernando
Polynomial factorization Trevisan, Vilmar
Rings with polynomial identities: an elementary introduction Vonessen, Nikolaus