Volume 3 – 1992 – Second Workshop on Partial Differential Equations


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Global solutions to the equations for the motion of stratified incompressible fluids Boldrini, José Luiz
Rojas-Medar, Marko Antonio
The intermediate long-wave equation in weighted Sobolev space de Borba, Mílton Procópio
The billiard on an ellipsoid as an integrable system Deift, P. A.
Li, L. C.
Tomei, C.
The Cauchy problem for a class of 2×2 nonstrictly hyperbolic systems dos Santos, Marcelo M.
Frid, Hermano
A survey of the analysis of irregular shock refractions and its application to front tracking methods Grove, John W.
On blowup in a resonant nonstrictly hyperbolic system Lin, Long We
Temple, Blake
Wang, Jing Hua
On the problem of solving F(x)=y in the plane Malta, I. P.
Saldanha, N. C
Tomei, C
Nonlocal unilateral problem for a nonlinear hyperbolic equation of the theory of elasticity Larʹkin, N. A.
Medeiros, L. A
On the well-posedness and scattering for the transitional Benjamin-Ono equation Nunes, Wagner V. L.
On the initial value problem for the Zakharov equations Ozawa, Tohru
Tsutsumi, Yoshio
Heteroclinic bifurcation theory and Riemann problems Schecter, Stephen
Scattering behavior of transitional shock waves Marchesin, Dan
Plohr, Bradley J
Zumbrun, Kevin R.