Volume 27 – 2004 – Fifth Workshop on Nonlinear Differential Equation


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On the Cauchy problem associated to the Brinkman flow: the one dimensional theory. Alarcon, Eduardo Arbieto
Iorio, Rafael José, Jr.
2D density-dependent Leray’s problem for inhomogeneous fluids Ammar-Khodja, Farid
dos Santos, Marcelo M.
Attractors for semilinear parabolic problems with Dirichlet boundary conditions in varying domains Carvalho, A. N.
de Abreu, Emerson A. M.
A geometric sufficient condition for existence of stable transition layers for some reaction-diffusion equations Crema, Janete
do Nascimento, Arnaldo Simal
Global in time spatial analyticity of solutions to fractional Burgers’ equations
A note on solutions to a model for long internal waves in a rotating fluid Linares, Felipe
Milanés, Aniura
Boundary layers of arbitrary dimension for a singularly perturbed Neumann problem Malchiodi, Andrea
Montenegro, Marcelo
Generalized solutions to the KdV hierarchy in 2-dimension. Melo, Maurílio Márcio
Generalized solutions to nonlinear wave equations Oberguggenberger, Michael
Stability of cnoidal waves to Hirota-Satsuma systems Angulo Pava, Jaime
An extension of the method of rapidly oscillating solutions Pereira, Antônio L.
Pereira, Marcone C.