Volume 21 – 2001 – XVI Escola de Álgebra – Part II


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Toric ideals Bigatti, Anna
Robbiano, Lorenzo
On the symmetric and Rees algebras of (n,k)-cyclic ideals Brumatti, Paulo
da Silva, Aparecida Francisco
On the infinite radical of a module category over a tilted algebra Coelho, Flávio Ulhoa
π-Henselianity: a new approach Engler, Antonio José
Some open problems in infinite group theory Rosenberger, Gerhard
Linear algebraic techniques in additive theory and a generalization of the Cauchy-Davenport theorem Godinho, Hemar
A note on the normalizer problem de Miranda, J. M.;
Jespers, E.
Juriaans, S. O.
Rogério, J. R.
On some generalization of a theorem of B. H. Neumann Kurdachenko, L. A.
Polyakov, N. V.
Frobenius groups and the isomorphism problem Petit Lobão, Thierry
Limits of graphs. II Vainsencher, Israel
Some applications of code duality in cryptography Massey, James L.
FC elements of algebras and orders Milies, César Polcino
Nilpotent actions on non-abelian tensor products of groups. Nakaoka, Irene N.
Rocco, Noraí Romeu
Verbal generalizations of the restricted Burnside problem Shumyatsky, Pavel
A family of just-nonsolvable torsion-free groups defined on n-ary trees da Silva, Edméia F.
Sidki, Said
Testing the converse of Wolstenholme’s theorem Trevisan, Vilmar
Weber, Kenneth
Modular algebras of Burnside p−groups Vieira, Ana Cristina