Volume 33 – 2007 – Workshop on Differential Geometry


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On the life and work of Francesco Mercuri Noronha, Maria Helena
Onnis, I. I.
Singular holonomy of singular Riemannian foliations with sections Alexandrino, M. M.
Spacelike surfaces in L4 with prescribed Gauss map and nonzero mean curvature. Asperti, Antonio Carlos
Vilhena, J. A. M.
A geometric Itô formula Catuogno, P.
Gromoll-Meyer actions and triality. Durán, C. E.
Rigas, A.
Conformally flat Lorentzian hypersurfaces and curved flats Dussan, M. P.
On the Gauss map of a minimal surface in the Heisenberg group. Figueroa, C. B.
Finite dimensional gradient Lie algebras of immersions Fukuoka, R.
San Martin, L. A. B.
Enneper representation and the Gauss map of minimal surfaces in the product H2×R Montaldo, S.
Onnis, I. I.
Second variation of energy for minimal surfaces in Riemannian manifolds Moore, J. D.