Volume 30 – 2006 – XIV Escola de Geometria Diferencial


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Differential equations and moving frames Abib, Odinette Renée
Recent progresses in the Calabi-Yau problem for minimal surfaces Alarcón, Antonio
Legendrian submanifolds foliated by (n−1) – spheres in S2n+1 Anciaux, Henri
A note on the first eigenvalue of spherically symmetric manifolds Barroso, Cleon S.
Bessa, G. Pacelli
Generalized Weingarten surfaces of Bryant type in hyperbolic 3-space Corro, A. V.
Osserman metrics on Walker 4-manifolds equipped with a para-Hermitian structure Díaz-Ramos, J. Carlos
García-Río, Eduardo
Vázquez-Lorenzo, Ramón
An isometric immersion theorem in Sol3 Lodovici, Sinuê Dayan Barbero
Symplectic forms are intrinsically harmonic Manfio, Fernando
Limit of Karcher’s saddle towers Rodríguez, M. Magdalena
On complete Ricci-flat metrics on open Kähler manifolds Santoro, Bianca
Minimal submanifolds in higher codimension Schoen, Richard
On the classification and regularity of umbilic surfaces in homogeneous 3-manifolds Souam, Rabah
Toubiana, Éric
Optimal regularity of viscosity solutions of fully nonlinear singular equations and their limiting free boundary problems Teixeira, Eduardo V.