Volume 26 – 2004 – Symposium on Scattering and Spectral Theory


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Fundamental solutions for the Tricomi operator: pole in the elliptic region Barros-Neto, José
High frequency resolvent estimates and energy decay of solutions to the wave equation Cardoso, Fernando
Sharp bounds on the number of resonances for conformally compact manifolds with constant negative curvature near infinity Cuevas, Claudio
On effective Hamiltonians for adiabatic perturbations Dimassi, Mouez
Guillot, Jean-Claude
Ralston, James
Quantitative analysis of metastability in reversible diffusion processes via a Witten complex approach Helffer, Bernard
Klein, Markus
Nier, Francis
KAM theorem and quasimodes for Gevrey Hamiltonians Popov, Georgi
Non-linear eigenvalue problems Robert, Didier
Local energy decay of solutions to the wave equation for nontrapping metrics
Threshold resonance in geometric scattering. Wang, Xue Ping