Volume 22 – 2002 – Seventh Workshop on Partial Differential Equations – Part I


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Helicoid of Riemann solutions: a new mechanism for multiplicity of solutions Azevedo, Arthur
Analytically varying eigenvectors and the stability of viscous shock waves Brin, Leon Q.
Zumbrun, Kevin R.
Exponential decay for a system of elastic waves with a nonlinear localized damping Bisognin, Eleni
Bisognin, Vanilde
Charão, Ruy Coimbra
Thermal radiation in a steady Navier-Stokes flow Consiglieri, Luisa
Oxidation fronts in a simplified model for two-phase flow in porous media Da-Mota, Jesus C
de Souza, Aparecido J.
Garcia, Ronaldo A.
Teixeira, Pedro W.
Kuramoto-Sivashinsky approximation for the two-phase flow of a dusty gas Doronin, G. G.
Larʹkin, N. A.
Magnetocardiographic location of rotating spiral electrochemical waves dos Santos, R. W.
Gundelach, B.
Marchesin, Dan
Valério, J.
The structure of composite rarefaction-shock foliations for quadratic systems of conservation laws Eschenazi, Cesar
Palmeira, Carlos Frederico
Kinetic equation for charged particles in axisymmetric two-dimensional magnetized plasmas de Assis, Altair S.
de Azevedo, Carlos A.
Grishanov, Nikolay I.
Neto, Joaquim Pereira
A locally inertial Glimm scheme for general relativity Groah, Jeff
Temple, Blake