Volume 19 – 2000 – VI Workshop on Partial Differential Equations – Part II


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On the trend to equilibrium for the Fokker-Planck equation: an interplay between physics and functional analysis Markowich, P. A.
Villani, C.
Boundary behaviour and integrability of large solutions to p-Laplace equations Mohammed, Ahmed
Porru, Giovanni
Micromechanical computational modeling of reservoir compaction and surface subsidence Guerreiro, João N.
Loula, Abimael F. D.
Murad, Márcio A.
Rates of decay of a nonlinear model in thermoelasticity Menzala, G. P.
Pazoto, A. F.
Decay estimates for solutions of various parabolic problems Philippin, G. A.
Vernier-Piro, S.
Exact solutions of heat and mass transfer equations Polyanin, Andrei D.
Zhurov, Alexei I.
The global attractor of a weakly damped, forced Korteweg-de Vries equation in H1(R) Rosa, Ricardo
A simple model for three phase flow with hysteresis Bedrikovetsky, P.
de Souza, Aparecido J.
Krause, P.
Marchesin, Dan
Extensions of jets on tube structures Tavares, Joaquim