Volume 17 – 1999 – X Escola de Geometria Diferencial


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Research on differential geometry in Brazil do Carmo, Manfredo
Dupin hypersurfaces with constant scalar curvature Brasil, A.
de Almeida, Sebastião Carneiro
Sub-Riemannian symmetric spaces of Engel type Almeida, Dulce M.
Pseudo-parallel immersions in space forms Asperti, Antonio Carlos
Lobos, G. A.;
Mercuri, F.
Estimates of the first eigenvalue of minimal hypersurfaces of Sn+1 Barros, Abdênago
Bessa, G. Pacelli
Curvature estimates and stability properties of CMC-submanifolds in space forms Bérard, Pierre
Santos, Walcy
On constant mean curvature spacelike hypersurfaces in Lorentz manifolds Brasil, A.
Colares, Antonio Gervasio
On Ribaucour transformations for hypersurfaces Corro, A. V.
Ferreira, Walterson Pereira
Tenenblat, Keti
A note on a theorem of Lawson and Simons on compact submanifolds of spheres Costa, Ezio de Araujo
Isotropic pluriminimal submanifolds Eschenburg, J.-H.
Tribuzy, Renato de Azevedo
Time minimizing trajectories in Lorentzian geometry Giannoni, F.
Perlick, V.
Piccione, P.
Verderesi, J.
Hermitian structures and equi-harmonic tori on non-symmetric complex flag manifolds Mo, Xiaohuan
Negreiros, Caio J. C.
Complex structures on RH4and CH2 Ovando, Gabriela P.
Conformal metrics and Ricci tensors in the hyperbolic space Pina, Romildo
Generalized helices, twistings and flattenings of curves in n−space Fuster, M. C. R.
Sanabria-Codesal, E.
Some remarks on cylindrically bounded H−surfaces with compact boundary Rosenberg, H.
Semmler, Beate