Volume 14 – 1998 – Algebra Meeting


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Integral points of Galois covers Bilu, Yuri
On a possible nonsimplicity criterion for finite factorized groups Carocca, Angel
Linear systems and ramification points on reducible nodal curves Esteves, Eduardo
Cusp forms of weight 2 over an imaginary quadratic field as homology classes Figueiredo, Luiz M. S.
Test, generic and almost primitive elements in free groups Rosenberger, Gerhard
Spellman, Dennis
Stille, Michael
New results on additive forms of even degree. Godinho, Hemar
Separable gonality of a Gorenstein curve Homma, Masaaki
Secant varieties of adjoint varietie Kaji, Hajime
Direct decompositions in Artinian modules over FC-hypercentral groups Kurdachenko, L. A.
Petrenko, B. V.
Ample and spanned vector bundles of top Chern number two on projective varieties Noma, Atsushi
On projective manifolds with degenerate secant varieties Ohno, Masahiro
Exponential sums: the estimate of Hasse-Davenport-Weil Roquette, Peter
Recognizing automorphisms of polynomial algebras Yu, Jie-Ta
Conics five-fold tangent to a plane curve Vainsencher, Israel
Multiplicity one results for unitary groups Soares, Marcus V. A.