Volume 12 – 1997 – Workshop on Real and Complex Singularities


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Implicit Hamilton equations Basto-Gonçalves, J.
Algebraic topology and singularities of toric varieties Brasselet, Jean-Paul
Singularities with scale threshold and discrete functions exhibiting generic properties Damon, James
Real singularities and dihedral representations Dimca, A
Paunescu, L
Structural stability of parabolic points and periodic asymptotic lines Garcia, Ronaldo A.
Sotomayor, Jorge
Topology of plane trigonometric curves and the strangeness of plane curves derived from real pseudo-line arrangements Ishikawa, Goo
The Chern-Euler number of circle bundle via singularity theory. Kazarian, M. È
Stereographic projections and geometric singularities Fuster, M. C. R.
The integral closure of ideals and Whitney equisingularity of germs of hypersurfaces Saia, Marcelo José
Generic singularities of hyperplane sections of a surface in P4 Vainsencher, Israel