Volume 11 – 1996 – Fourth Workshop on Partial Differential Equations – Part II


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Initial-boundary value problem for a class of quadratic systems of conservation laws dos Santos, Marcelo M.
Kan, Pui Tak
Xin, Zhouping
Simultaneous stabilization of solutions of mixed problems for evolution systems Kapitonov, Boris V.
The Cauchy problem for hyperbolic conservation laws with relaxation terms: a conference report Klingenberg, Christian
Lu, Yun-guang
A note on the blow-up of a nonlinear evolution equation with nonlocal coefficients Linares, Felipe
Ponce, G.
Scialom, M.
The initial value problem for a generalized Boussinesq model: regularity and global existence of strong solutions Boldrini, José Luiz
Lorca, S. A.
Mathematical modeling of plasticity in metals Plohr, Bradley J
Global existence of L2 solutions in dynamical elasto-plasticity Rascle, M.
A priori analysis of finite element solutions of quasilinear elliptic differential equations Santos, Felix C. G.
Remarks about the discrete profiles of shock waves Serre, Denis
The large time existence of periodic solutions for the compressible Euler equations Temple, Blake
Young, Robin