Volume 10 – 1996 – Fourth Workshop on Partial Differential Equations – Part I


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On the 2d Navier-Stokes Equation with Singular Initial Data and Forcing Term Biagioni, H. A.
Gramchev, T.
The Semigroup Approach to Systems of Conservation Laws Bressan, A.
Evolutionary Bidomain Model of the Continuous Exciteble Medium Brio, M.
Marchesin, D.
A Parameter determination Problem for a Linearized Model of Wel-reservoir Coupling Cazenave, T.
Dickstein, F.
Kavian, O.
On a New Concept of Asymptotic Stability for Riemann Solutions Frid, H.
Phase Transitions and Oscilations Waves in an Elastic Bar Frid, H.
Liu, I-Shih
Local Solvability in LP of First Order Semilinear Equations Hounie, J.
Santiago, P.
A Front Tracking Method for Transitional Shock Waves Hwang, Hyun-Cheol
Oscilations Induced by Numerical Visconsities Jin, Shi
Liu, Jian-Guo