Information for Authors and Associate Editors

For associate editors

The prospective associate editor of a specific volume should first send to the Chief Editor of Matemática Contemporânea a proposal for a volume, containing the subject, the editorial committee and a list of potential authors expected to submit articles.  The associate editor should also express his/her commitment to carrying out a refereeing process of all the submitted papers.

After the initial approval by the Editorial Board of Matemática Contemporânea, the responsibility for drawing up the volume then proceeds to the volume associate editor and his/her editorial committee.  At the end, all selected articles, the referee reports of all papers (including the rejected ones) and the consent to publish form signed by the authors must be submitted to the Editorial Committee of Matemática Contemporânea for final approval and subsequent publication.

For authors

Submitted manuscripts (preferably in English) should be prepared in some standard LaTeX format.  A PDF file of the manuscript should also be submitted.  Figures and tables should be numbered and referred to in the text by their numbers.  Artwork (illustrations, pictures, etc) must be submitted as EPS files (Encapsulated PosScript).

The authors of articles selected for publication must sign a form of consent to publish and transfer of copyright to the Sociedade Brasileira de Matemática.

The list of references must be in the standard alphabetic-chronological order.  Abbreviations of journal names and references to books should follow the format of the Mathematical Reviews.